Proxemia is a multidisciplinary project by José Rivera aimed at investigating spatial awareness, perception, and aural happenings informed by experimental, electroacoustic processes. Various approaches to greater environmental understanding are explored that aim to emphasize the transcendental, sonic qualities of architectural and spatial experience. Geo-notational mapping, field recording, installation, performance, sound design and composition are points of departure for ongoing sound studies.

The name "Proxemia" refers to the anthropologist, Edward T. Hall, and his concept of proxemics which describes a spatial awareness of our relational experiences. His insight can serve as the basis for observing and creating a sense of intimacy with(in) our environment.

And from the World English Dictionary:

-ia — suffix forming nouns

1. occurring in place names: Albania ; Columbia

2. occurring in words denoting condition or quality: utopia

3. occurring in names of botanical genera: acacia ; poinsettia

4. occurring in names of zoological classes: Reptilia

5. occurring in collective nouns borrowed from Latin: marginalia ; memorabilia ; regalia