Proxemia is a multidisciplinary project by José Rivera aimed at investigating spatial awareness, perception, and aural happenings informed by experimental, electroacoustic processes. Various approaches to greater environmental understanding are explored as a means to emphasize the transcendental, sonic qualities of architectural and spatial experience. Geo-notational mapping, location-recording, installation, performance, sound design and composition are points of departure for ongoing sound studies


José Rivera (b.1988) is an artist, researcher, and designer interested in the intersections of aural and spatial experience.

He has been heard throughout the U.S., Europe, and Africa. In 2017, he received a Master's of Science in Art, Culture, and Technology from MIT's School of Architecture and Planning. There, he studied art and music, and explored multichannel audio systems in performance and installation. In 2011, he received a B.S. in Architecture and Environmental Design from Kent State University.

He currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where he works as an artist, sound engineer for a Boston-based experimental music organization, Non-Event, graphic designer, and arts educator

>>sound blog: house, the stillness
>>design inspiration: deterritorialization

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