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Disquiet Junto Project 0186: My Name
Explore the sonic contours of a word you’ve spelled out loud frequently: your name.
- - -
After the recording and slowing down process, there were a few things about the spoken letters that grabbed by attention. The subtle rhythms were natural starting points, but what really interested me were the the tonal rises and falls, as if each spoken tonal bit operated as a synth tone, with an attack and release, envelope parameters, the oscillating features. I began using different synth parts in Abelton’s Operator, that when layered, would represent different aspects of each letter.

J - a strong attack, the body being slightly damp and rubbery with the ”AY” tone later rising and falling. I messed around the the filter envelopes, pitch settings I found a tiny bit of sawness to be present. Layered harmonic bass note with a saw wave plastic harp towards the tail of the sound.

O - a rubbery sound to it. a bass synth with a resonator was used to add more material to the overall body of the wave. I played with the decay a bit to emulate the rather uneventful tail, leaving it a bit more open. I also layered this with an organ sound and a low sine wave.

S -  “EH” sound with the weak attack was emulated with an organ sound, getting the tonal bit with tweaking the formants. The “ss” portion occurs from the midpoint to the end of the sound, and layered saw waves with added noise provided the necessary effect.

E - soft attack, with fairly consistent rubbery tonality. A saw wave from an organ sample emulated the raspy nature of the tail.

Overall, soft, rubbery with raspy ends that came out kind of bouncy. I decided to go with it and add a few more layers of additive harmonic drumsynth claves, granulated bits of my speaking voice, and melodic tones as the piece progressed.

- - -

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