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Happy to be included in the most recent issue of textsound : 


Issue 21 :: Sonic Materialities
curated by Michael Nardone

"This issue of textsound assembles works that blur the distinction between performance, poetry, and the sonic arts. Dialogues, field recordings, talks, electromagnetic arrangements, installations, lyric works, remixes – “Sonic Materialities” explores the fugitive modes of embodiment, inscription, and exchange in phonopoetic practice. Noise and resonance, tuning and texture inform these compositions. So does the grain and splice of the voice. Always with recorded sound, the material contexts reverberate. This is to say that the technical and technological mediations – vibrations engineered into script – are elemental to the compositions; as are the locales of their production, the social and physical circumstances of their pulse, polyphony, dissonance, and replay. They are the substrate we apprehend in listening – the sites, acts, and echoes."

Other contributors include Syd Staiti, Amaranth Borsuk + Andy Fitch, M. NourbeSe Philip, the Unauthorized Narrative Freedom Organization (UNFO) (Dan Richert + Harold Abramowitz), Erin Moure + Lisa Robertson, Julian Hou, Holly Melgard, Stefan Christoff + Kaie Kellough, Eric Schmaltz, Laureen Burlat, Charles Bernstein, Felipe Otondo, José Rivera, Sebastiane Hegarty, Clio Montrey + Klara Du Plessis, Staalplaat Soundsystem (Geert-Jan Hobijn), Michael Hennessey, Elizabeth Cherniak, Patrick Durgin, Christof Migone, Jordan Scott + Jason V. Starnes, Jean-Philippe Antoine, Laura Ortman + Tanya LukinLinklater, Steve Evans, Gary Barwin (Moribund Facekvetch), Oana Avasilichioaei, Mayakov+sky Platform (Nikolaos Omeros Koumoundouros), and Fred Moten.

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