Random Sequence, Collaboration with visual artist, Erin O'Malley

This is our first piece working together. The sound is a combination of my cat licking a yogurt wrapper and a drone loop of highway noise recorded on a reel-to-reel. I also added some experiments with max to get the texture and fluid qualities that change throughout the piece.

From erin_omalley:

This piece began with footage of water splashing around, filmed from a video magnifier. The frames were extracted from their video format and shuffled into a random order, then turned back into a video. I like the erratic yet almost structured way it turned out, a bit of natural chaos melding with computerized randomness. 

Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo_Video Barf 2015

Submission for a local film festival, Video Barf, held on January 30, 2015 at The Fuzz Factory in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The film is an edited reel showing samples from Internet Archive's 35mm Stock Footage collection.

Scenes from the original film real were chosen and written on tiny pieces of paper. The sequence of scenes were determined by chance operations which included drawing these scene names from a bowl.  Glitch edits and montage techniques (Janet Williams) were done first so I would have no knowledge of how the sound would interact before hand. Following the completion of the film, I contributed original sound design to be reflective of the visual effects. The final product came out rather immersive and went over really well at the Festival. We even won an award.

For more on the original film reel including the Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 license, head over to


saturnian giraffe [disquiet0154-grooveunlocked]

disquiet junto project 0154: groove unlocked
the assignment: create a track from two locked grooves.

Davedorgan – 0092-disquiet0153-groovelock
Rpcollier – Alchmin1-disquiet0153-groovelock

i liked how the ambient characteristics were present in these two loops, although they are quiet different.  the interplay of the two locked grooves in composition created nice 'holes' that were filled with a pad which was processed with a combination of filters, giving it a more grainy feeling. convolution reverb techniques and various filters were applied.  rpcollier's groove was processed with a static grind, the percentage of dry/wet static fluctuating as the track progresses.

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