Exordium by Kevin McLellan and Laura Knott_2019 (10 min)

// sound recording, mixing, design


Black Pond by Jessica Rinland_2018 (42 minutes)

// sound recording, mixing, design


futures and the instability_2019 (11:28)

{recorded in cambridge, MA.]


meditation102_2018 (21:46)

[recorded in cambridge, MA and originally appearing at Non-Event’s 2018 Showcase @ The Yard (Handcock Tower) Boston, MA]


podcast 58: live on Rare Frequency_2017 (54:00)

[recorded at Boston College Radio, WZBC90.3 FM]


Control Automation by Yusef Audeh_2016 (5:30)

// music composition & sound design


32-0 MECHAN_2015 (21:28)

investigating the tunnels and subbasements of MIT

{recorded in cambridge, mass.]

originally appearing in a 12 channel installation, and featured in textsound + framework radio


Planes by Janne Holtermann_2016 (45:00)

// sound design & mixing